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D49 Thankful for Shining Stars Across District

番茄app社区成人The week before Thanksgiving set the stage as the perfect time for the District 49 family to express gratitude for the inaugural group of Support and Service Stars. The distinguished honorees were celebrated during Fantastic 49 festivities before the regular monthly board of education work session Nov. 20.

Siouxsie Przytulski, paraprofessional a OES, is honored during Fantastic 49 celebration Nov. 20.

番茄app社区成人“I am lucky enough to know many of the Support Stars selected this year and can attest to the hard work they put in, and how loving what they do shows through in their actions daily,” shared Cheryl Allen, registrar at Falcon High School and one of the Support Star honorees.

番茄app社区成人The Support and Service Stars program was created this school year as a result of staff feedback to recognize staff members who work in support or service roles for their caring attitude and committed work ethic.

番茄app社区成人"One of our major insights from the voice of the workforce has been how deeply we value and depend on our service and support colleagues,” commented Peter Hilts, chief education officer.  “I am proud to say we listened and learned from our workforce, and the star recognition system is an excellent example of personal and organizational learning that is making District 49 the best choice to learn, work and lead."

Congratulations to the following District 49 Support and Service Stars:

2019 Support Stars

Annette Romero番茄app社区成人, professional learning specialist, learning services department

Barb Coffey番茄app社区成人, nutrition services manager, Falcon Elementary School of Technology 

Belinda Reid, administrative assistant, Evans International Elementary School

Kira Collins, D49 audiologist, is honored as a 2019 Service Star during Fantastic 49 Nov. 20.

Bill Pierce番茄app社区成人, building manager, Springs Studio for Academic Excellence

Brent Buena, education technology technician, education tech team

Brittany Jilek,番茄app社区成人 POWER Zone administrative assistant 

Cheri Bagby, paraprofessional, Ridgeview Elementary School

Cheryl Allen, registrar, Falcon High School

David Barcus, accounts receivable specialist, finance department 

Deb Hall番茄app社区成人, administrative assistant, culture and services department

Eric Stelter番茄app社区成人, bus driver, transportation department

Hassie Daron番茄app社区成人, administrative secretary, Horizon Middle School 

Janet Notsch, paraprofessional, Falcon Middle School 

Jordana Gonzales, paraprofessional, Bennett Ranch Elementary School

Julie Johnson, library paraprofessional, Skyview Middle School

Eric Stelter, bus driver, is recognized as a 2019 Support Star during Fantastic 49 Nov. 20.

Karla Palacios番茄app社区成人, CLDE technician, individualized education

Kathleen Schneider番茄app社区成人, nutrition services manager, Vista Ridge High School

Keith Boyce, building manager, Woodmen Hills Elementary

Kelby Dias, paraprofessional, PEAK Education Center

Kevin Roche, building manager, Pikes Peak Early College 

Korrin Klimek番茄app社区成人, paraprofessional, Springs Ranch Elementary School

Lisa Cheney, leave specialist, human resources department

Mariah Dunson, administrative secretary and health room paraprofessional, Patriot High School

Paula Fox, counseling secretary, Sand Creek High School

Sandi Esparsen, administrative secretary, ALLIES 

Sandi Heckel番茄app社区成人, paraprofessional, Falcon Homeschool Program

Sheila Sheets, paraprofessional, Remington Elementary School

Siouxsie Przytulski番茄app社区成人, paraprofessional, Odyssey Elementary School

Rebekah Lusk, counselor at BRES, is recognized as a Service Star during Fantastic 49 Nov. 20.

Stephanie Foley番茄app社区成人, paraprofessional, Stetson Elementary School

Tammy Phipps番茄app社区成人, health assistant, Meridian Ranch Elementary School 

Toni Livecchi番茄app社区成人, maintenance coordinator, facilities department

Tracey Sousa, administrative secretary, Vista Ridge High School.

Wendi Sidney, administrative assistant, learning services department

2019 Service Stars

Andrea Wurmstein, school counselor, Patriot High School

Beth Cruz, districtwide school psychologist

Heather Salas番茄app社区成人, districtwide co-lead speech language pathologist

Jamie Mendell番茄app社区成人, districtwide co-lead speech language pathologist

Jennifer Williams, school counselor, Skyview Middle School

Kira Collins番茄app社区成人, districtwide audiologist

Lisa Hartman, school counselor, Evans International Elementary School

Mary Salazar, early childhood teacher, Meridian Ranch Elementary School

Nelda Dettwiler番茄app社区成人, school nurse at Falcon Middle, Bennett Ranch Elementary and PEAK Education Center 

Rebekah Lusk番茄app社区成人, school counselor, Bennett Ranch Elementary School

Sandi Gizzi, districtwide occupational therapist

Amy Matisek