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PHS Builds Towards a Successful New School Year

番茄app社区成人Patriot High School students and staff kicked off the 2019-2020 school year under new leadership and with a new program facility, Aug. 1.

番茄app社区成人Steve Gard joins the school as the new principal, with an extensive background in alternative education. Gard earned his master's degree in educational leadership and principal's licensure from the University of Northern Colorado. He has worked in alternative high schools for 22 years and helped develop the Greeley Alternative Program (GAP), which offers at-risk students a self-paced approach to graduate. 

 “I’m really excited to be a part of Patriot High School and D49,” said Gard. “ We have an awesome staff and an innovative approach to education, a real personalized classroom dynamic.”

番茄app社区成人 The school is also close to opening it’s main construction building, a facility that will offer students a larger space for building major projects for the community.

 “We have a lot of support from the local HBA (Home Builder’s Association), they actually paid for the building and donated all their resources and time, “ said Gard.

番茄app社区成人 "I’m really excited to be in the construction program, “ said junior Ella Nunamaker. “Women don’t usually get these opportunities, especially in high school. It’s really amazing to be able to start my career here and be able to continue through college.”



Amy Bremser